Big muay thai match in Thailand “Penthai-Yokpetch” will gamble

Chun, Kiattipetch Sangbun, a promoter merits with muay thai fan on 6 November. He opens a very big match between “Seankaew” Pokaew Fonjangchonbury muay thai training camp 126 pounds who reduce advantages for new muay thai fighter, Rittidet W.Wantavi muay thai training gym 124 pounds and there have another fight all time. Chun, Kiattipetch take a gain and bursary to building education building and support a project “Open a Satit House in Silpakorn University , Thailand “. He open the top muay thai fighters that muay thai fans favorite in the all list. A big match “Seankaew” Pokaew Fonjangchonbury muay thai training camp fight Rittidet W.Wantavi muay thai training gym is a real muay thai match because they never fight before. This fight is a good time and good match.

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There have juniors muay thai match from Rayong “Rambo Rayong” Chokpreecha challenges Tuan. Muanthai S.Bunyeam extracts the hot star, Kengkla S. Chokchaikit who he can win. Followed by a real fight that muay thai fighters never met each other between Penthai Sinkpatong who is a 112 Lpn championship and Yokpetch, Somponk Mabpaput who return to be a hot star again and recently, he can win Wanchalonk Sitchonong muay thai training camp easily so it creates satisfaction among muay thai fans. The top muay thai fighter, Nuengtep Eminenair fights Pongrit C.Chernkamol and also Karn K.Kampanad beat Kengkad S.Chokgitchai. The first muay thai match is the lastest hot star, Verachon T.Tepsutin can win Prakaypetch or not. Then is the match between Henri S.Dechapan who prepare to extracts a new hot star Nantawat C.Rongrod with a bet four hundred thousand Baht. The last match is a muay thai fighter form South, Samsan a disciple of President muay thai will beat Panjern a disciple of Numnoy.