Celebrate too much has made Kaimookdam hurt

Round and Trip to Burerum for celebrating New Year day with family too much has made Kaimookdam Aekbangtrai hurt and isn’t ready to fight on this 10th January  2013 with Sakmongkol 96 Pheenang Angmor Kabeephomdang. Then, they will be postponed to fight with each other on Otea Charumeng program on this wednesday of 16th January  2013 instead. However they still fight in Thailand . Moreover, the promoter had changed into Sirimongkol fighting with Taphaothong as the master couple muay thai boxer. However, for other couple boxers, they are ready to fight with funniness absolutely.

From the revealing of Angmor or Chucharean Reweearamwong , he gave news that “Kaimookdam Aekbangtrai said to him that his condition of body isn’t ready to fight with Sakmongkol 96 Peenang muay thai training camp in Suek Daew Rung Chu Charean on this 10th January 2013. Then, he would like to postpone into next week without having problem to fight as another time. After that, Otea Charumeng had made the boxer list of the master couple boxer in Suek Charumeng  already on this 16th January  2013 by increasing Kaimookdam and his couple boxer into this program in order to make this problem more crowed and larger. On the other hand, for other couple boxer, they have no problem to fight on this 10th January  2013, except Kaimookdam only. Indeed, it resulted from Kaimookdam had come back to Burerum and celebrated the birthday party for his child and family and then came back to Chonburi muay thai camp to train himself. However, his condition of body isn’t ready to fight due to the none- enough of preparing himself well. Thus, he had to postpone to fight in next week for another fight on this 16th January  2013 instead. On the other hand, the promoter let Sirimongkol P.K. Muai Thai gym fighting with Tapaothong Imminentair muay thai training camp on this program replacing of him by reducing the ticket price into 240 baht and add the new couple boxer of Khaosanit Dragon Muai Thai fighting with Teelek A. Damnern in this program on this 10th January  2013 too”.

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