Permit “the new one” to join in the national team at the boxing camp.

The commander Yod Onephadet Suwanwichit or the  amateur boxing association of Thailand would like to select the Olympic boxers to practice for adjusting the basic principle in 8 months prior to fight in the significant tournaments , especially for sending the boxers in Thailand International Boxing King Cup setup on this April to fight in these games as behalf of B line. However, it shouldn’t send these boxers to fight quickly , but it should watch their works inside the Army in order to improve first.

For the movement of the Thai international boxers , it showed that now the commander Yodonephadet Suwanwichit or the assistant technical of  the  amateur boxing association of Thailand who has taken care of the boxers in Thailand team has been practicing the boxers at Bonansa Khaoyai boxing camp. Then, he has claimed to prepare the Thai team to join in Suek 1st Thailand International Boxing or the old King Cup that might broadcast on this early of April including of Seagame to setup in Singapore on this June. Similarly, he claimed that in this time the big Thai team have kept themselves to practice at Bonansa Khaoyai intensively under the take caring of Omar Malagon or the head Cuba Coach with Staff Coach to fight in the significant tournaments , especially for 1st Thailand International Boxing  setup on this April at Bangkok and Sea Game at Singapore on this June including of Asia Champion with having Thailand to be the host between  July and October as the selective Olympic program. On the other hand, now their body conditions are perfect.

Apart from the A national team, there will be the commander Yodonephadet to claim about the practicing of the boxer in line  B or the boxer in the Thai Olympic project. However, now they have kept themselves at Sports of Thailand in Huamak at Bangkok. Besides, there will be the excellent boxers , such as Superbank of Rattanabundit university to fight with Onephichit Meenayothin and other 7 couple boxers to keep themselves at Bonansa Khaoyai in order to gain new experiences for improve the way to fight for the international program further. Therefore, the assistant technical team has said additionally that according to taking assessment in the internal sport program for the army , it shows that  the Thai boxers in Olympic program should keep themselves to fight at Bonansa for 8 months in order to improve themselves to fight in 1st Thailand International Boxing on this June without having disappointment.