Does Kingsanglek has his powerful power?

The big song has accepted that it is confused for finding the couple one for Kingsanglek T. Laksong or the most excellent small couple one of the world in this time. However, for making the list of Riangsaknoi Sitniwat ,he might have more disadvantage on weight than his couple one for more than 3 pounds. Thus, it can’t blame for the promoter if the boxer has loses the game.

In this hour, it should accept that Kingsanglek T. Laksong or the most strongest excellent boxer and the most expensive one might make confusion to the big promoter or Big Song or Thongchai Rattanasubun. However, with the hot form of Riangsaknoi it may not have any problem to be the winner after he has won Kingsanglek before. Then, for this match it will be the second master couple one to fight on Suek One Thong Chai of this 29th July 2015 on Wednesday at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Then, it should let Kingsanglek to bargain weight for 3 pounds too.

Big Song has given the news on last Tuesday that in this hour Kingsanglek has his hot and fresh form with his good salary. However, he can’t find the suitable couple one , and now Riangsaknoi has his more energy too , especially to win Kingsang in the past before. Then, it should prove the performance whether Kingsang might become the winner of the match.