“Kingthong” has forbidden of being bargained weight of “Yodlekphet”

Kingthong or Winai Naksin has warned the Muay Thai fans not to look down on Yodlekphet Bareber for fighting with Phetngam Kertkamphon as the master one of T. Chaiwat on this 24 November, 2016 at Rachadamnern with the bad view. On the other hand, if this couple one isn’t the suitable one , he might not allow this couple one to join in this game absolutely. However, this couple one has the good shape with good strategy by fighting in 131 pounds as the fitted level as well as not bargaining weight to anyone.

Kingthong or Winai Naksin or the promoter of One King Thong said that now Sorchor Toi and the teamwork of Palangmai group will bring Phetngam to fight with Yodlekphet as the master one of this game on this 24 November, 2016. Then, he has made the decision for making the list of this one with 3 reasons ; namely, 1. Good shape 2. Good strategy and 3. Suitable weight

Then, it can’t bargain weight for his couple one definitely , and this match is the important one for Phetngam . Thus, if he can defeat Yodlekphet , he will become to be the well-known one of the boxing circle for sure.