Confirmed “Tengneng” to knock his couple boxer rapidly.

To cut the problem of price for Teacher Surat Siangloi , the big boss of Daterat has confirmed to Kamchab Tengneung Sitchesairung for knocking his couple boxer in the only way without depending on the referees.

Teacher Surat Siangloi or the big boss of Daterat boxing camp revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that for the final round of 4th Weber program to grasp 500,000 baht , he has confirmed to Sit Chesairung , who will have the program to fight in the final round with Komphetlek Luakprabat or the old opponent after he has won him in the first round to knock him in this time only without based on the score of  the referees. Then, to cut all problems , it should let Tengneng or the winner in all match to knock his couple boxer in only way without wondering in the next match. Besides, it should accept that his price is less than his couple boxer , so he should knock him only to cut this problem. However, Teacher Surat is really confident that it might be Tengneng to be the winner because of his past match to knock the couple boxers for 4 matches.