Wittaya has sent the encouragement of “Kongsuek”.

Wittaya Phetsemuen doesn’t view for the champion , except for allowing Kongseuk Sakkhongkamrai to fight in each match though he has won for 2 times in 4th CP Freshmart. Besides, he has become to be the first rank of the team and pass into the semi final round.

After 2 matches , Kongsuek has won continuously to gain 4 points of 4th CP Freshmart ;however, Wittaya Phetsumeun is the modest one not to view Kongsuek Sakkhongkamrai to grasp the champion.  Thus, the boxing Muay Thai fans should cheer up this boxer to fight in the next match.

Wittaya said that although Kongsuek has won for 2 times by winning Hunyon Sitchareonthrab and Dennapho K. Kerttichai , he still views that he may not become to be the champion before reducing the mistakes and try his best.