Petchseenil in good form

Yai Muangsupan, big boss of Payaksupan camp and care taker of Petchseenil Suanaharnpeekmai, is assured that his pupil will be able to win against Lamnammool Sakchaichote again. The game will be held on Tuesday of 18th February at New stadium, Ram-intra.

After Petchseenil Suanaharnpeekmai won against Lamnammool Sakchaichote in Suek Jao Muay Thai program at Siam Omnoi boxing stadium in December 28th, Sia Boo Muangpetch, promoter, has to label the revenge match to meet the boxing fan’s need which was asked overwhelmingly in Suek Petchsupaphan program on this Tuesday, February 18th  at new Lumpinee stadium, Ram-intra.

Lately, Yai Muangsupan, big boss of Payaksupan camp, who takes care of Petchseenil has revealed to Muay Siam reporter as follow. “According to current physical condition of Petchseenil’s body, I’m confident that Petchseenil will be able to win again. Boxing fan should be assured that there will not be any problem in this fight and it will be an old same story.” Yai Muangsupan assuredly said.

“Tee” is afraid of Samdee’s form due to his fresh form.

Tee Suwan had accepted that Sarawut Phitakphaphadang muay thai training camp couldn’t defeat Samdee Phetyindee Academy easily because in the next match he will face Samdee Phetyindee in Suek Lumphinee Champion Krekkrai on the birthday anniversary of Lumphinee muay thai stadium in Thailand of this 7th December A.D. 2012 with  the new weight. On the other hand, Sarawut has been the champion of 108 pounds for the last time. However, he has wants to adjust his weight from 106 – 108 pounds to 107 – 108 pounds with only 1 pound to make the game more funny because he hasn’t fought in 107 pounds so long. Then, there will be more funny and challenge.

Besides, it will be another couple muay thai boxer which seems to be more funny because it will be the protecting of 108 pounds Champion of Sarawut which will set up at Lumphinee muay thai stadium and broadcast on the birthday anniversary of Lumphinee muay thai stadium on this 7th December A.D. 2012.

Moreover, for the readiness before protecting of his Thailand champion for this fight , Tee Suwan or the senior of Sarawut has revealed that Sarawut has more advantages because of his experience , but it must be the difficult task to win Samdee easily because now he has the fresh form. As the result, I would like the teamwork to consider with the weight again by altering from the original weight of 106 – 108 pounds to 107 – 108 pounds with only 1 pound because Sarawut hasn’t been fought in 106 pound so long. Thus, it should be bargaining for only 1 pound to fight with funniness.

Tee Suwant had revealed at the end of conversation that “Samdee has been stronger and has his fresh form and won for several fights. Thus, although Sarawut has more advantages than him , but it can’t defeat him easily with fighting on 106 – 108 pounds. However, I have an opinion to let the teamwork for level up the weight closely to 107 – 108 pounds by bargaining only 1 pounds for Sarawut which might make the game to be more funny. Therefore, the teamwork should consider again about the suitability of the weight”