Chokepreecha Protects the Champ

Rambo rayong, the feather lightweight (118 pounds) champ from Lumpini muay thai stadium , Chokeprecha Sakulcher who has a lot of fans, mainly from Rayong and Phuket , cheering him at the stage on Friday 8 March, 2013. Chun Kietphet organizes the Lumpini championship in Thailand to protect their belt with many popular boxers from many camps such as Mondum Veerapol muay thai training camp . This time the staff is very detailed in checking because they afraid that Mondum will lose. In the past, he has injured in many fights, if he got punched too many times, he may not survive the 5th round.

Any muay thai at Lumpini Championship of , the fans will always come and watch them fight. This is the duty of Chun Kietphet to select good pairs of boxers and the fans can put gamble happily. Phetboonchu against Thai champion, Yodvicha Singdum against Lumpini champion, Sakeddao Yokphet versus Wanchalong, Pollakrit battles Lumnumpong, Pen Thai against fierce Lumpini champnion. The first pair is Kathaphet battles with Suksri Chumporn twin. After this fight, meet Kunpan Kietchareonchai, the bet starts at 200,000 baht. Chamuakphet Chitmeungnon. Praluehadlek Kraupailau Rayong battles Naruedech Suradech, the bet is at 200,000 baht.

Tongsak Said Rocco will Lose

Toi Ubon guarantees the performance of Tongsak, Toi’s boxer, that his health is in good conditions and ready to fight with Rocco, Koong’s follower. This fight will be held at Muay Siam Orm Noi stage on Saturday 23 February, 2013 . He is sure that Tongsak will win the fight.

On Saturday 23 February, 2013 at Muay Siam Orm Noi stage, the first battle will be Tongsak, Toi’s boxer against Rocco, Koong’s boxer. This pair will create an interesting fight for the fans. Toi Ubon publicly announced that Tongsak is perfectly practicing every day, and he believes that Tongsak will beat Rocco. So, he would like to invite the fans who love boxing to cheer at the stage.

Toi said “Tongsak is ready to fight now after he keeps practicing. I’m sure this fight Tongsak will use all of his strengths and skills to beat Rocco. I want to invite everyone to watch the fight and you will not regret.”

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Mr.Bu set a good open and close fight

Mr.Bu Mouengpetch understand muay thai fans’ s feeling so he set a good and close fight for Petchsupaparn War on 19 February at LumPiNi muay thai Stadium in Thailand . Muay thai fans can gamble extremely.


The battle to proof of faith in Petchsupan War on 19 February at LumPiNi Stadium, the open fight is Sankeng J.Nopparat muay thai training camp beat Sinksuriya U.Rattanabandit camp , the second round is Samdee Petchyindee Academy save his champion belt by fight with Chaisiri Sakniranrad muay thai camp , Wuttichai Saksubin fight Chaimonkol Petchsupapan, Petchmouengchon Tayha fight Worawut S.Bebe, Beer Payakmouengchon training camp fight Teelek Rachanon, Eakarnan J.S.P. fight Konkobdai W.Wiwattananon, Sittisak Bunmee fight Cherry Daooeun muay thai camp , Kimsong Sakniranrad fight Superfam W.Kongpiset Gym, Talaisan W.Wiwattananon meet Chupetch Phananchoeng.


In addition to the important match, Mr. Bu said he and his staff take a famous boxer and top boxer in his gym to this fight for muay thai fans can gamble like the past and not illegal the boxing rules.


Mr.Otue Jarumoueng set a fight on Dao Rung Chujarern War on Monday 18 February. Ankmor Grabepomdeang intend to follow boxing’s rules although he can sell a ticket to muay thai fans 240 baht but is it ok. In Monday afternoon ago, Muay Siam Daily check a fight list from Mr.Prawit Konktongsamut about Dao Rung Chujarern Speical on Monday 18 February at Rah Cha Dam Neon Stadium that organized by Chujarern Raweearamwong. The ticket cost 240 baht. There are top fights between Palankpib N.Sripoueng who just finish fighting a big match 250 baht ticket at LumPiNi and having a good form by win Yodkunpol Monchai. Palankpib N.Sripoueng will fight with Songkom Srisuriyotin muay thai training camp who wins Keawkangwan S.Sajouenchai 4th rounds at LumPiNi in 124 pounds fight. The other fight is a match of Eakkarit form Bangkok Thon Bu Ry University beat Sinkpayak from Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University 131 pounds.


The other match from many muay thai camps  is Eakpetch Bankok Thon Bu Ry University fights Rittikrai Keawsamrit, Neungsiam S.Prasobchock meets Nongmai Teedet 99, Masang Suwit gym fights Sakartid T.Laju, Rukkad Chumpare Tour fights Rungpichit PanYudtapum, and the last is Fanta A.Kuntorn fight Chamounkpetch Kiatpracha etc…


Tang challeng a great master boxer

Mr.Tang, Piyarat Washirattanawong recommends muay thai fans to watch the fight between Konkrungpeb P.Poungkeaw with Petchmanee S. Sanyo in the first round of Muay Thai Lumpini Kergkrai on Saturday 5 January at Lumpini Stadium. He be full of confidence this fight is very fun and it’s in a support plan.

In Muay Thai Lumpini Kergkrai on Saturday 5 January at Lumpini Staduim in Thailand , the first round is the big fight between Konkrungpeb P.Poungkeaw muay thai training camp with Petchmanee S. Sanyo. Mr.Tang reveals this fight is very suitable match and he has a plan to support them. He is full of confidence about this fight is very fun and not disappoint muay thai fans. They should follow the other fights because all fight in program is dramatic too.

“Do not miss a fight of Konkrungpeb and Petchmanee because this is a suitable match and it is on my support plan. I am very sure that this game is fun and not disappoint muay thai fans no matter who wins or loses. Of course, I believe they can fight to the end.” Mr. Tang said.

“Chun” change wig 7 channel’s program for entertainment

 Muay Thai War on 7 channels in the fist fight on Sunday 6 January 2556 will changed because this is still a New Year so boxer are not ready to fight. Now, Tuan G.Gampanad withdraws to meet Lomnalea Soraug muay thai training camp. A promoter who set a program, Chun Kiattipetch take a spare battle which is a new tiger cement champion, Semapetch S.Chaowalit meet Jennarong T.Taksin to become a first fight. Chun is full of confidence for this battle is still fun.

A big fight in “Muay Thai War” is the first fight on 7 channels by Tuan G.Gampanad is not ready to meet Lomnalea Soraug because this is a New Year but a promoter, Chun Kiattipetch have a spare battle. This battle is a fight of a new tiger cement champion, Semapetch S.Chaowalit who has a good form by win many Putorn stadiums. Latest, he wins Mapralong P.Brirak in Tiger cement boxing tournament at Khon Kaen and he will fight Jennarong T.Taksin who wins Jomrachan Winidtanaikwam at The Celebrations on the Auspicious Occasion at Bangsapan. Semapetch will fight in 128 pounds.

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