“Maitho” always has the good destiny of the boxing round.

Num or Arun Sakyindee is accepted that recently no matter of any round Maitho Sitkamnanyai or the boxer in his boxing camp always pass into the semi final one as the last person. Besides, currently he has passed into the second semi final round already.

Num or Arunee Sakyindee said after Maitho Sitkamnanyai has overcome Phetrayong Sitnayodthaweetaphong on Phunsia boxing round in Suek Muai Thai Ched See. Then, he will pass into the Semi Final round to fight with Saiphon Rattanaphanu as the last person in the same order as the Second Semi Final round with high level of possibility.

Num said that it is in the fact that Maitho always passes into the Semi Final round. Thus, in this game he is really confident that this boxer might pass into the semi final round as the last person as the old times surely.