“Noi” has thanked for the encouragement.

Noi Sakburiram has thanked for the Muay Thai fans who have sent the encouragement until Sakburiram boxing camp or the small boxing camp of Mueng district in Buriram province can grasp for the prize of the excellent boxing camp in Morchit boxing stadium on channel 7 in A.D. 2015. Then, it might be the gold lucky year of the boxing camp , and it hopes that this year he might grasp the prize and be the champion increasingly in many matches for sure.

Besides, on last Sunday the boxers of this boxing camp have showed the good performance until becoming to be the well-known ones of Morchit boxing stadium on channel 7, especially for the North East people. Then, after the meeting on 11.00 a.m. at the meeting room, it has announced that later the boxers in Sakburiram boxing camp has showed the outstanding works , especially for the champion in 122 pounds at channel 7 that has Jamesak and Onemeechok Phuhongthong or the champion of 15th Phunsia round and other fighters no matter of Sakmongkol , Rungsak , Mangkornthong and Denphichit ,who make the good forms until this boxing camp has been the well-known one of the Muay Thai fans.

Lately, Noi Sakburiram and Wanida Thanadkha have thanked for Sak Chusak and Sor Tim , who have given the opportunity to all boxers to have the good future. Besides, he just received the prize of North East Siam reporter club , and he feels really glad to make the dream come true. As the result, it should thank for everyone who has pushed up all of them until the small boxing camp at Mueng District can grasp the excellent prize of the boxing camp.