Don’t care about benefits or losses.

On the other hand, for the calculating of the ticket price Nong Boat revealed that he hasn’t been worried about this subject much and he doesn’t care for the benefits or losses much as well. However, he cares only to fight with funniness and would like to invite several muay thai fanclub to buy the ticket and encourage for his significant work only.

Nong Boat said that “ I haven’t been worried about benefits or losses , but I would like everyone to show their best form to be worth for open my program. Moreovre, I would like to invite several muay thai fanclub  from Thailand to encourage me much on this 7th February  2013 which is the significant program for me including to make everything perfect to be impressed by the muay thai fanclub.

“Chomhoad”practiced to show through channel 3

For the evening of last 5th February  2013 , the teamwork of sport news for channel 3 had made the scope of news about practicing and preparing in the final training of Chomhoad Mobaskamala at 13 coins muay thai camp. Then, Chomhoad had showed to kick the aim and sandback for showing his strength to the teamwork of channel 3 to see his readiness. Besides, he said that now his body is ready to fight with Somrak and he is confident to defeat Somrak again without making him wonder anymore on this 7th February  2013. In addition, he said with short word that he would like to close the legend of Somrak or the boast man definitely.


The Phuket Cheerleader cheers up “Chomhoad”

Mr. Phiya Isaramalai or the executive president of Bangla muay thai stadium in Hadphathong of Phuket Province revealed that in Suek One Wisate broadcasted on this 7th February  2013 at Rachadamnern , his teamwork will come to watch for his program for several people as well as him because he would like to watch for Chomhoad to fight with Somrak and gain for 6 million baht.

The big boss of Bangla muay thai stadium in Thailand revealed that “I haven’t seen the boxing in big program for a long time. Then, for this time there are several people in the teamwork to cheer up Choamhoad, so I would like to watch them also because Chomhoad is one of all boxers for Bangla muay thai stadium to call for the foreigners to watch him as one of all important boxers although recently he hasn’t been fought so much. However, if I have time, I would like to watch them nearly at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium of course. Besides, I will give a large amounts money to Chomhoad additionally if he is the winner because I am ready to support him as well as the Phuket teamwork and I believes that  Chomhoad will be the winner again because he is the good one to have endurance. However, in the early round Somrak always use his severe elbows and right knee. Thus, Chomhoad should beware of him well and use his force in the final round to be the winner.”