“Nongphuang” might become to be the famous boxer by knocking “Phetphusang” on the stage.

Dennongphuang P. Chirdchai or the hot and severe knee boxer will fight with Phetphusang Keelasport  as the master one of Suek Muai Thai Chedsee on this Sunday of 20th November, 2016. Besides, he might become to be the famous one again for sure with his bigger shape and good preparation as well as good practicing to knock his couple one.

Moreover, Dennongphuang is the amusing and favourite one for the Muay Thai fans, so he might have the continuous fight to show his performance no matter to be the winner or the loser. In addition, he has never failed of the match also. In addition, on this Sunday  broadcasting through channel 7 there will have another master couple one ; namely, Nawaphon Chokphraneefarm to fight with Thepphabut Sitaubon in 128 pounds too.

Then, Dennongphuang has revealed that he is so glad to have the continuous matches to fight as well as thanking for Chun and the teamwork too. Significantly, on this Sunday he isn’t worried for facing with Phetphusang and he would like to become the famous one on channel 7 again with his perfect body condition of 100 percent.

Additionally, it will have others to fight in this game as the second ones; namely, Phathakphet Cinbee Muai Thai fighting with Kasermnoi S. Kasermsuek , Mahamongkol S. Yingchareonkarnchang fighting with Phetriangrit Sitphandang and Yokngen Kertbandityim fighting with Thailandlek S. Pornchai.