“Onechana A. Bunchuai muay thai training camp ” boasted that It isn’t the age of “Phanomrung” anymore.

Aut A. Bunchuai¬† believes that it isn’t the age of Phanomrunglek Kertmu 9 anymore ; he is assured that for this fight , his boxer or Onechana A. Bunchuai muay thai training camp might defeat him certainly because of his well-preparing.

On last Sunday, Aut A. Bunchuai muay thai training camp revealed to the teamwork of reporters about the readiness of Onechana A. Bunchuai or his boxer who will face with Phanomrunglek Kertmu9 as the master couple boxer of Suek Phetphiya on this Tuesday 22nd October 2013 that “For this fight, my boxer is diligent to train himself in order to face with the old and good experience as Phanomrunglek without careless.

However , For this time Aut A. Bunchuai revealed that “I am so confident that Onechana should pass into the next round because it isn’t the age for Phanomrunglek anymore , except with the good experience of him only. However, he has his smaller body and has more disadvantages for his freshness also. Besides, for this time , Onechana has practiced himself well , so he might not be the loser absolutely and if he can defeat Phanomrunglek , he would like to show his beautiful forms for another 2 matches followed by getting revenge with Aekmongkol of 5 starts chicken¬† Daew Yim again.

In addition, for the couple boxers to fight , there will be Yodphet W. Sangphraphai facing with Phetmanee Dabrunsarakham muay thai camp , Sumaee S. Weerawan Camp facing with Abbas Luaksuan and others.