“Sak” is really glad for Muay Thai form of “Phetaek Sakrangsit Camp”

SiaSak Rangsit or the big boss of Sak Rangsit Muay Thai camp is really glad that his beloved disciple or Phetaek can overcome Yodthanu Kertsaknanan in Suek Chit Muengnon for the special one at Ortorkor 3 on last Monday of 12nd May 2014. Then, now Phetaek Sakrangsit can face with whoever in 105 pounds , but SiaChun Pheerapong Theeradatepong can make the list of anyone without complaining.

SiaSak said that after Phetaek Sakrangsit Camp has showed his beautiful form to Yodthanu Kertsaknanan by overcoming the score of him in Suek Chit Mueng Non on last Monday of 12nd May 2014 at Ortorkor 3 Thai boxing stadium in Nontaburi province. Lately, Sakrangsit or the owner of Muay Thai camp in Phatumthani province is really glad until boasting that for this hour Phetaek can fight with anyone in 105 pounds as same as his confidence to be the winner.  However, it is up to SiaChun to make the list of him and he might not make the disappointment to anyone of course.