Patakthong S. Sansern muay thai training camp will face with”Nong Dome of channel 7 in Thailand”.

For Suek Muai Thai Chedsee broadcasted on this 19th June 2013 , there will be the change of weight the master couple boxer to be the big size by letting Muengthai SorBunyiam muay thai training camp from Suek Kertphet to increase his weight from  118 -120 pounds to be 125 pounds and facing with Chailek Khwaithong gym.   On the other hand, Kitsana Arawan or Patakthong S. Sansern from Surat will fight instead of Nong Dome Chayutkongseub by guaranteeing about his gaining of money.

Besides, for the master couple boxer of this Sunday , it will adjust again by bringing the well-known boxer from Suek Kertphet or Muengthai SorBunyiam muay thai training camp to face with Chailek Khwaithongyim as well  as the second couple boxers or Taladkhwag Saksamrit who had showed his beautiful form in channel 7 to face with Charuadthong S. Sarinya also followed by Kitsana Arawan  or Patakthong S. Sansern muay thai training camp to face with Nong Dome Chayutkongseub in 113 pounds. Moreover, for this couple boxer , it should check the information precisely gain to gain much money of course. In addition, they are the boxers fought in the South of Thailand in the same level , but have never fight with each other before. Thus, for this time , the muay thai fans in channel 7 will know their performances promptly throughout the country as well as watching another new star couple boxer or Sakulchailek Dabphangnakornban to face with Phetluakfang Ch. Pinnarat in 106 pounds too.”


Channel 11 of Thailand will setup Suek two sides of Mekhong River.

For the setup of Suek special Muai Dee Witheethai  or suek two sides of Mekhong River, this program might give the earnings to the public relation department for charity by setup the muay thai tournament and bring 4 foreigner boxers from 4 muay thai camps in Mekhong river ; namely, Cambodian boxer , Laos boxer, Vietnam boxer and Thai boxer to fight with each other. Then, anyone who will be the winner might know his result of fight in only one day and it is expected to setup this program on this July in 2013.

Ramdate of Intersports said that “For Suek Muai Dee Witheethai broadcasted on every Saturdays in channel 11, it had setup for the second year already by going to setup in several places.  Besides, in the first year , this program had setup the special match to give the earnings for public relations department in order to aid the flood victims in this middle of the year or July of 2013 . Then, there will be the setup of special match for Suek Muai Dee Witheethai again called “Suek two sides of Mekhong River by bringing 4 foreigners in Mekhong river no matter of Thai boxer, Cambodian boxer, Laos boxer and Vietnam boxer to fight in two versions.  As the result, the winner in the first match will pass into the final round ; however, now the teamwork is considering about the boxers to fight at this moment.”