“Phetphrab” boasted to be the champion.

Bangchu has guaranteed for Phetprab of 5 stars chicken  , who is really hot to practice himself cross of the year without traveling to overcome Phetwasorn P. Ounnut in this new year broadcasted on this Sunday of 4th  January 2015 in Suek Rachadamnern Super Fight in 112 pounds.

Bangchu or Saman Puttipeng or the old former boxer named Prabthoranee Luaklamphakchee , who is now the head of 5 stars chicken daew yim Muay Thai training camp confirmed about the readiness of Phetphrab of 5 stars chicken daew yim or his son and the boxer in this Muay Thai training camp. Moreover, it is confident about the good practicing of Phetphrab in the good way. Then, on this new year day he might not leave from home surely , and he will face with Phetwasorn P. Ounnut in 112 pound as the second couple boxer of PPTV in Suek Rachadamnern Super Fight on this Sunday of 4th January in this 2015.

Bangchu or Phrabthoranee Luaklampakchee said that now Phetphrab has been diligent to practice himself to grasp the champion since this new year. Then, on New Year Day he might not go for traveling surely with his good attention to fight in 112 pounds without worrying.