Ploywittaya might move into the next boxing camp of Somphoat Good Car.

Now, Sia Phoat Tent Rod has performed with the recommend of the Muay Thai fans by allowing Ploywittaya to change into the new boxing camp called as Somphoat Good Car formally. In addition, in the next match he might fight for Fukthiangroup with Kiekkak Ph. Paoin for Suek Chao Muai Thai broadcasted on this Saturday of 13rd June 2015 for gaining 2 baht of gold with cash of 20,000 baht surely.

Finally, Sia Somphoat Tendrod or the rich and expert Muay Thai fans and the business man of Car Tent has opened the chance for Ploywittaya Phetsimeun to move for changing to fight on Somphoat Good Car formally with the asking of the Muay Thai fans. Moreover, he is familiar with Ploywittaya and he has his good history without the bad story of fighting to make his boxing camp lose the good name. Therefore , in the first match of Fukthiangroup , he might fight with Ph. Phaoin on this Saturday of 13rd June 2015 on Suek Chao Muai Thai of channel 3. As the result, if Ploywittaya has won his couple one , he might gain 2 baht of gold including of cash for 20,000 baht. However, if he has lost the game , he might be considered to be punished surely.

Sia Somphoat said that he has the good friendship with Ploywittaya for a long time , so he can use his name of boxing camp to fight without any problem because of his good history. Then, in the first match if he can win Kiekkak , he might gain for 2 baht of gold to be his encouragement. However, if he has lost the game , he might gain only little prizes.

Mr.Mu from Phuket guarantee the muay thai training camp in Thailand not to fail

Mr.Mu Phuket does a good screening and will not lose the reputation of Wanweerapon War especially baby Andaman Fighting set in Mini Flyweight Championship in World Muaythai Council in Thailand . This is the fight of Denlanna S.weerapon muay thai camp and Yudtapob P.Tongburan muay thai training camp. The first round is clever boxer fight with strong boxer.

In Wanweerapon war of Mr.Mu phuket on Friday 13th September change the minor round of Ploywittaya Petchseemoun muay thai training camp with Gomean S.worachod. The other fight still follows the old list. The important match is Yodkunpol U.Rattanabandit with Yodtuantong Petchyindee Academy. And also a Championship Muaythai Council is the world’s second-generation Fly Weight, Morakot Komsaimai have a revenge fight with Yodmanut Petchpotong. And the Mini Flyweight is the fight of boxer who never met before Denlanna S.weerapol muay thai camp and Yottaporn P.tongburan muay thai training camp . said he screen carefully to choose in the same weight 103 pounds.

“The weight in Mini Flyweight Championship is no more than 105 pounds, we consider carefully that the weight 103 pounds is the most appropriate, nobody have advantageous and not lose the reputation of Weerapol war who like the unexpected fight especially Baby Andaman or Phuket set that built our name Yutthaporn strong kick boxer and Denlanna, a knee boxer. You can test one’s luck of the person you like.”

Support “Ploywittaya” to gain large amounts of money if he will be the champion.

The member of provincial municipal Roch Surat had announced to support Ploywittaya Rochsurat muay thai training camp in advance to fight with Saknarint Sitsoang in Suek S. Sommai on this Thursday of 6th December A.D. 2012 by expecting that if he can be the muay thai champion as Yokwittaya , the fanclub of him and he can gain large amount of money with the increasing of bonus.

Moreover, Wittaya Phetsimuen has become lively again after knowing the performance of his master disciple or Yokwittaya Phetsimuen. Moreover, in this Thursday of 18th December A.D. 2012 , there might have another queue of another muay thai boxer under his boxing camp or Ploywittaya Rochsurat to fight with Saknarint Sitsoang and this fight Wittaya had announced that there will be the member of provincial municipal or Roch Surat to support the fanclub of him and him in advance.

Besides, Wittaya said that “he might arrive to Bangkok to support Ploywittaya by himself and if this muay thai boxer can be the champion , the fanclub of him and he can gain large amounts of money and increasing of bonus”