“Wichai” will solve the problem of “Rachanon Muay Thai camp”

Because of a lot of problems occurring inside the boxing camp, it makes a lot of credits disappeared , so the commander Wichai Rachanon can’t stand on this behavior. Then, he is preparing to manage Rachanon Muay Thai camp to be ready for fighting. In addition, he might solve the problems to make the big change by letting anyone who doesn’t care to run his duty should do another job.

Moreover, now the performance of Rachanon isn’t such a good way due to grasping in the second rank after fighting continuously which made the credits of this boxing camp a long several years disappeared. However, for this case the commander Wichai Rachanon or the head of boxing camp still would like to know the cause of problem , so he thinks that it’s time to make a change by put Rachanon boxing camp to be ready to fight. Then, anyone who doesn’t want to do his duty should apply another job , and he needs everything to be better.

The commander Wichai revealed that it is time for make a change for this boxing camp , so anyone who doesn’t like to run his duty , such as practicing himself he should find another job to do. Later, the teamwork of Rachanon should run their best task to quaranteeing about the practicing and the fighting of the boxers in Rachanon Muay Thai camp. Then, the Muay Thai fans should believe in himself for make a change of this boxer camp to be the good one.

If “Mahphralong SorBunyongyot muay thai training camp ” is still wondering , just face to Fahsatan.

Trainer Kikkong Rachanon is really confident that Fahsatan Rachanon might become to be the master couple boxer in the future surely ; moreover, in the latest fight , he had won Mahphralong or the severe fist boxer to have better body condition and soul. Then, For the next fight , he can face with anyone including of Maphralong again to prove his talent.

According to Fahsatan Rachanon who just won the score of Mahphralong SorBunyongyot muay thai training camp in Suek Muai Thai Ched See on last Sunday of Lumphinee muay thai stadium , the trainer Kikkong Rachanon has revealed to the teamwork of Muai Siam that “I would like the muay thai fans to catch the eye on this boxer well because I am sure that he might become to be the good fortune boxer or the master boxer in the future with his gold heart. In addition , According to his good practicing , anyone can win him hardly. Moreover, In the last match , he can win Maphralong although everyone believes that he could be knocked. Then, For the next match , he might face with anyone including of Maphralong.

Kikkong said that “This boxer is diligent to practice his task although now , he is on the duty of being soldier , he could defeat his last boxer to have his better body condition and soul. Thus, The muay thai fans should catch the eye on this boxer to be the master couple boxer in the future for sure.”

Bested regard to “Thongchai” to be understandable that ” Rachanon muay thai training camp” from Thailand doesn’t escape him.

The Commander Wichai Rachanon has bested regard to Thongchai Rattanasuban that he shouldn’t be worry because Wichai’s boxers and he never escape him. However, now his muay thai training camp has a little trouble , so he has to let the boxers in the boxing camp to fight in every programs first. Morever, he has much expenditures to pay , but if Thongchai has come back to be the promoter , the boxers and he will be back to work with him again certainly.

The commander Wichai revealed that in the earlier that Thongchai Rattanasuban has quarreled with Phrai Phanyalak or the committee of Rachadamnern Thai boxing stadium until causing the severe subject and be cut the quotas to setup the boxing program until the boxers in his boxing camp have been dispersed to fight in other muay thai camps in Thailand also , this situation made the boxers and I have to fight with other boxing camps due to our surviving and a lot of expenditures to pay. Besides, each trainer of boxer has spent 10,000 baht to pay , so if I don’t do like this way ,  the muay thai camp will have a lot of trouble. However, if Thongchai has come back to be the promoter , the boxers and I are ready to fight for SuekOneThongChai  program as the same way. Thus, I would like Thongchai to understand us.”


Wait to watch the form of “Maklak Sititisuktho Camp” in another 2-3 fights in Thailand.

Anake Sangmongkot still confirmed to let Maklak Sititisuktho Camp fighting in 126 pounds for another 2-3 fights prior to reduce the next fight due to his not perfect body.

Anake or the assistant teamwork of Suek Sangmorakot revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam after Maklak had kicked Sornsin Suwit muay thai gym and overcome him again in Suek Chai Muai Thai on last Saturday of 22nd June in 2013 at Omnoi boxing stadium that “I will let him to fight in 126 pounds further in another 2-3 fights prior to reduce the matches due to his not perfect body. However, I am satisfied about his form , but still wonder about him to fight with the harder ones. Then, it should reduce his matches to fight a little bit due to afraid that he can’t overcome the one who gain a lots of weights.”