It is no time for “SamDee ; It is time for “Denlanna” to show his form.

Wittaya Phetsemuen boasted that it is no time for SamDee Phetyindee Academy to fight anymore because now he believes in the freshness and good form of Denlanna S. Weerapon who always win continuously to his boxers. Then, he might stop for the good experience of SamDee certainly.

“Sia Mu Phuket” or Weerapon Panchuai or the new promoter of Lumphinee boxing stadium might arrange the next boxing program or Suek One Weerapon in the big match with the ticket price of 300 baht per 2 person. Moreover, he might setup this program on this Saturday of 24th January 2014 with the master couple boxer or  Phetmorakot W. Sangphraphai muay thai camp to face with Khwankhao of Rattanabundit university , Khaimookkhao P. Thairungriangkhamai muay thai training camp to face with Datenarong and Chofah TorSangthiannoi muay thai camp to face with Onechana A. Bunchuai as well as the famous small size boxers , such as SamDee Phetyindee Academy to face with Denlanna S. Weerapon to fight in this match.

Furthermore, Now Wittaya Phetsumeun or the big boss of this age has taken care of Denlanna , and he revealed that “now Denlanna has his fresh form and is ready to face with his couple boxer. However, although SamDee has his more experiences than him as well as being the former champion of Lumphinee boxing stadium , Denlanna is not the normal boxer because he has just won his couple boxers for 5 matches continuously with his fresh form to win the experience one in this match.”

“Rungnarai” in Thailand never lose to the left hand boxer from any muay thai camps .

Sudchai Phumphrakhon revealed to the reporters of Muaisiam that “I didn’t feel sorry after Rungnarai or Phetsila Kertmu 9 has to face with SamDee Phetyindeeacademy because all Rungnarai’s life never loses to the left hand boxer from any camps for sure. Besides, if Rungnarai can win SamDee , he would like Sia Nao to consider Rungnarai to face with Satanmeunglek or Chaisiri because he believes that Rungnarai can fight with him certainly.”

For the fight of Suek Phetwisate broadcasted on this Thursday of 30th May in 2013 at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium in Thailand by , the promoter NongBoat or Nattadate Wachirattanawong had made the list of interesting couple boxer. Besides, as for the master couple boxer, it will be the fight between Satanmeunglek Windysport to face with Onechai Ramboesarn muay thai training camp and the second couple boxer will be Rungnarai Kertmu 9 to face with SamDee Phetyindeeacademy , Superball Teemeunglaei muay thai camp to face with Paeteng Kertponthip , Yodkhunsek SorSuchat muay thai training camp to face with Shopper K. Saphaothong , etc. So there are many muay thai camps in Thailand .

Moreover, lately on last Sunday, the reporters of Muai Siam had been revealed from Sudchai Phumpharakhon or the head of well-known boxing camp about the readiness of Rungnarai or Phetsila that for this time, he had prepared himself well without any problem. Then, if he has to face with SamDee , he is assured that he will be the winner for sure because all of his life never lose to the left hand boxer before.”

Sudchai revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that “Because Rungnarai never lose to any left hand boxer before, he is still confident in himself , especially for his good training. In addition, for his last 4 matches , he had overcome his couple boxer , so his encouragement is still good. As for me , I believe that Rungnarai might not have more disadvantages than SamDee for sure and now he is the Thailand Champion of 108 pounds as well. Then, I have placed for the goal for him that if he had defeated SamDee , I would like Sia Nao to let him facing with Satanmuenglek Windysport Camp or Chaisiri Sakniranrat muay thai training camp because I am confident that he can fight with him. However, on this 9th May in 2013 , he should overcome  SamDee before going forward to fight with another boxer , so I would like the muay thai fans in Thailand to cheer up Rungnarai for this match fully.”