It tries to please the Muay Thai fans ;Sangsakda might fight in this match.

SakSakda T. Morsee has come back to show the good form in the latest match until overcoming Sansern T. Sangthiannoi and then Deer Kertphet and teamwork might make the list of him to fight with Singpornchai S. Sarinya as the master couple boxer of T Sport program on this  Sunday of 10th August 2014 further at Ortorkor 3 Nontaburi on Tsport channel broadcasting from 8.00 – 10.00 p.m.

For SuekMuai Thai T Sports broadcasted on this Sunday of 10th August 2014 at Ortorkor 3 Nontaburi  province , there will be the couple boxers to fight for favor the Muay Thai fans throughout the country continuously. Then, the teamwork Kertphet has selected the interesting couple boxers ; namely, the master couple boxer or Sangsakda T. Morsee to show the beautiful form in the next match with Singpornchai S. Sarinya in 125 pounds following by the second couple boxer or IIad or PhetnarinLuakkhaonanai to prove performance with Weerachat Ch. Khaoyuhaisuzu in 101 pounds , MangkorndangDabphangnakornbarn to fight with Kengkat S. Rungwisai in 110 pounds and ManeelekPhetphayathai to fight with Poonlablek P. Srisukkarn in 100 pounds.

Deer Kertphet said that the teamwork and he try to select the most interesting couple boxers to fight in this match because they don’t want the Muay Thai fans to be disappointed. Then, for this Sunday he is confident that each couple boxer might fight with funniness surely, especially for the master couple boxer and the second one. Thus, the Muay Thai fans throughout the country should look forward to waching for these couple boxers much.