There are a lot of new stars fighting for Sitchareonthrab boxing camp.

Bao Wee Sitchareonthrabkertbanchong has watched for the new star of Sangphet Sitchareonthrab boxing camp because in this hour he has made the top form to be the winner for several matches. Then, he might become to be the well-known one for sure.

After Baowee has made the interesting lists to be accepted by the Muay Thai fans throughout the country , it has the new star boxers of Sitchareon boxing camp ; namely, Radabphet , Phetthong , Phanphet Sitchareonthrab and Sangphet Sitchareonthrab or the new star with fresh form to make the famous name to this boxing camp. Then, the teamwork and the affiliation should make the lists of the excellent ones to become the superstar boxers for the Muay Thai fans too.

Lately, Sangphet Sitchareonthrab has won the scores of Sankhom Phetphairat on last 20 March , 2016 at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Besides, in the earlier he has knocked Samordam Phutiananbangna on the second round at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Then, at the end of this year he might become to be the excellent one surely , so the Muay Thai fans should take a look for him well. Additionally, he has his good talent nevertheless he has his less experience than his couple one.