“Chatsai” is worried for the foreign people to take over Thai boxing programs

Nayok Somchat Chareonwatcharawit is worried in the case that there are some foreigners to contact through his boxers directly without passing the subject to the head of the boxing camp before. However, sometimes the foreigners have grasped the chance by allowing his boxers to join in the foreign boxing camp and fight in abroad. Thus, now he has brought this subject to be considered for the boxer board meeting to solve the problem.

Besides, it has the complaints from several heads of the boxing camp that the setting up of this present boxing programs has a lot of problems in many cases. Then, some of the boxing camps have lost for the boxers in his team because there are a lot of foreigners staying in Thailand as well as the foreigners who stay in foreign country that contact to the boxers directly or sometimes contact to the boxers that quit from this boxing circle to fight or teach the boxing lessons in foreign countries. Besides, now the foreigners have become to be the owner boxers without passing the subject to the head of the boxing camp in Thailand.

Besides, there are a lot of foreigners living in Thailand as well as coordinating to contact with the boxers directly as the manager. Thus, the sharing of percent together isn’t the correct way , so the Occupational Sport Club of Thailand has operated in this subject. After that, Somchai Chareonwatcharawit or the head of occupational sports club of Thailand has brought this problem to be considered in the boxing board in order to solve the problem , and this problem has caused the trouble for the head of the boxing camp much.