“Sanwangchai ” had never lose to the knee boxer from any muay thai camps in Thailand.

Chai Meanburi and Wee Khonkhan challenged the muay thai fans of Muaythai-thailand.com to know the history of Sanwangchai J.S.P. muay thai camp that he had ever lose for the knee boxer in the past or not because as they know him , he had never lost to any knee boxer in Thailand before.

Chai Meanburi and Wee Khonkhan or the two big boss of  A. Chirawan muay thai camp confirmed after Sanwangchai J.S.P. muay thai camp or his boxer in the muay thai camp will have the new queue to fight for 12nd Madang boxing round again with Yodyangngam Daterat muay thai training camp in Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 4th  May in 2013 at Omnoi muay thai stadium that “Sanwangchai had never lose to the knee boxer before. Then, anyone who is thinking that Sanwangchai might lose for the knee boxer , he or she should change his or her mind again. Besides, he or she should know the history of Sanwangchai that indeed , he is never afraid of anyone including of the knee boxer also.”

Grasp number 1 in the East  for “Chun” program.

Now ,Sia Chun Kertphet had been satisfied to make the list of boxers between Rambo Rayong or Chokphreecha K. Sakulchia muay thai training camp facing with Siahao or Siakhim  Sit SorthorTaew and this fight might be amused absolutely to gain a large amounts of money for sure.

For SuekKertphet or the excellent dignity program of promoter Wanphet or Chun Kertphet , it will broadcasted on this Tuesday of 7th May in 2013 and there will be Bigsong who has supported for this program also by sending the beautiful colors of several boxers to join in this program. For example, there will be Tanonchai T. Sangthiannoi who will face with Phokaew Phonchangchonburi muay thai camp and Phrachanchai P. Phetnamthong camp who will face with Onechalong Sitsornong muay thai camp as well as the meeting of Siakhim SitSorthorTaew from Chantaburi who will face with Chokphreecha K. Sakulchia from Rayong. However, Sit Chun Kertphet viewed that the last couple boxer has to grasp for number one in the East also.

Sia Chun said that “If it was on the last year ,Chokphreecha and Siakhim couldn’t fight with each other because at that time Chokphreecha was the hot one , but Siakhim was still the small one. However, now Siakhim has his hot form , but Chokphreecha has his Ok form. Then, it shouldn’t be careless because both of them have their good strategy to fight and they have faced with each other for the first time. Thus, it will be favored to the muay thai fans for sure as well as grasping for the number one of the East as well.”