“Mammam” will show the good form to be given the programs by “Thep” to fight continuously.

Thep Thamma has accepted that in this moment he is really glad that now Mammam Aekbangtrai has his better form. Then, it is preparing to make him fight continuously by finding the suitable couple one for him to give the fairness. In addition, all the times Mammam has always fought with all large ones.

What’s more, now Thepthamma or the teamwork of One Thong Chai has revealed that lately Mammam has knocked Samleethong  Toyota Rayong successfully on Suek Chao Muai Thai. In addition, he has been the old proponent of Mammam before too.

Thep said that now the form of Mammam might be in the great way which the teamwork and Thep are all glad with the better form and the greater experience of him. Then, it should give him more programs to fight continuously as well as finding the suitable one for him in terms of giving the fairness for him also.