“Thaksinlek” withdraw from the battle because shoulder pain

He have a fight program in the first round on WanSongChai War on Monday 24 June 2013. Mr. Big Song “Songchai Rattanasuban send a star boxer “Thaksinlek Kiatniwat muay thai training camp” who harvest victory continued to fight with a senior boxer “Yodmongkol Meoungsima” 119 pounds is a first round on Monday 24 June.

But a recent report that Thanksinlek withdraw from the battle because of he is not ready to fight. The accident occurred while he training so he suffers from shoulder pain and go to see the doctor and cure. His staffs call to report the withdrawal to the promoter “Songchai” that Thanksinlek cannot fight with Eakmongkol. No one wants this accident occur and boxer want to fight but this is an accident.

Thanksinlek admit that he regret very much for not fight in WanSongChai War because he was set to fight in the first round that rarely have a chance. He will cure his injury wait until his body was recovered because he afraid to have a bad form and boxing fans will disappoint. He requests boxing fans will encourage him. If he be better, he will show a good form. Thanksinlek reveals.

Open a fight between “Methi – Jangchai” again

Bigsong, Songchai Rattanasuban pleased a result of the last match that Methi (Kaitpratum) S.J.Padrew wins Densiam Eakbangtrai muay thai training camp and gets a prize. Bigsong ask boxing what do they think if he opens a match between Methi and Prajanchai P.Petchnamtong muay thai training camp again. He sees two muay thai boxers have a same boxing form and maybe order them to fight on 6 June 2013 in Wansongchai war at Wigair in Thailand .

On Monday night, Methi S.J. Padrew shows a good form to get a prize after win a point Densiam Eakbangtrai at T.Chaiwat war. The latest fight on Tuesday, Bigsong direct call to a Muaysiam reporter and reveals Methi have a best form that impress the top muay thai boxer also Methi wear a shirts write “S.J.Padrew” is very good. “Now Methi is training with Kingtong Lungprabat to makes his body strong for the fight on June 6th ¬†and “Wansongchai” war on Radchadamneun muay thai stadium in Thailand. I think this fight is fun, although Prajangchai have a better form but Methi have a strong body. I want to know what muay thai fans thinks if I open a match between Methi and Prajangchai or other muay thai boxer. I want to hear a comment from Wansongchai fans and the public then, I will set a fight so muay thai fans comment is very important.” A Mahachonsongchai promoter.