Sorchor Wichit has followed the group for checking the financial route.

Dong or Warasak Phakdeekham or the head Sports Office in Chachoengsao or the registra in Chachoengsao province has confirmed that recently he feels claim to make another plan for catching Phasarakham and Phuyai Oud or Satid Bunchuai or the head of the boxing camp and the manager of Banchareonsuk all the times since the first day until now. Thus, in this time he has prepared to consult with the lawyer of sports authority of Thailand as the plantiff to throw the fight as the good example of the boxing circle in behalf of the provincial registra. Then, it has made the Thai arts boxing to lose the name to the police officers soon. However, he has still worked in the countryside although recently he has coordinated with his teamwork. While Sorchor Wichit Padraew has continued to work by letting the police officer to check the financial work of the throwing fight group   and the car that has brought in contacting the throwing fight group of his boxing camp.

On the morning of last 18th July 2015 , After Sorchor Wichit Padreaw and Phuyai Oud or Satid Bunchuai with the police officer at Padraew has created another plan to catch the betrayed group , it makes the boxing circle to be destroyed at Plengyao of Chachoengsao province. Besides, he has brought to investigate and take note at Snamchaikhat police station. Later, it has sent into law on last Monday of 20th July 2015 and the court has bailed out on the same evening. After that, the lawyer of Sorchor Padraew boxing camp , the police officer and the injured person or Phuyai Oud has objected the bailing out. However, it isn’t effective , so it should fight against the law at the court further , and the head Kai or Doctor Kitti Paopiamthrab has reported to catch Phasarakham and the significant betrayed person of the boxing circle. Then, he has made the statement with the reporters on last evening of 21st July 2015 at the well-known coffee shop of Lumphinee boxing stadium already. Therefore, in the step of making another plan to catch Phasarakham and the vital betrayed boxer , it should make understand based on the law by handing in the worse person to be punished.

Lately, Dong or Worasak Phakdeekham or the head of Sport Authority of Thailand or the provincial registra has revealed his mind to the reporters of Muai Siam after creating another plan to catch Phasarakham or the significant betrayed boxer. However, in the past he has coordinated with Phuyai Oud or Satid Bunchuai or the head or the manager of Banchareonsuk boxing camp and Sorchor Wichit all the times to give convenience. Thus, if he has had the obstruct he is ready to coordinate work as behalf of the provincial registra because this case is the one example of the boxing circle. Thus, after the policeman has caught the betrayed boxer who isn’t afraid of the law , he felt glad much. Furthermore, he has follow the currents in this subject all the time , except for having time to manage due to the formal work at the countryside. On the other hand, he has coordinated with the lawyer of board of boxing sports in case of the provincial registra. Thus, it should take a look for the matter of law again as the plaintiff in order to inform with the policeman and the investigator again without destroying the name of the betrayed boxer and the boxing circle.

Padraew boxing registra said that it should take a look for the matter of law again in order to be passed. Besides, now he has consulted with the lawyer of Sports Authority Thailand. Thus, it depends on whether he can come without being the bad example to other people. However, we don’t feel claim because all the times we have coordinated this work by giving convenience to him.

On the same time, although Phasarakham or the accuser has been bailed out on last evening of 20th July 2015 , Sorchor Wichit Padraew has confirmed that he might not give up in this subject for sure. Besides, now in this time he has assigned the caught police officer to check the financial route of the betrayed group including of using the telephone as the evidence to fight against the law. Then, it might not know whether the car used in putting the deposit for this time belonging to whom in order to be caught.