“Yadfah”has tried at the best to defeat “Weerachon” again.

Yadfah R Airline or the excellent boxer from Ubonrachathani province has confirmed that he is ready to fight with his old friend or Weerachon Sorchor Piek as the master one of Muai Thai Ched See. Then, on this Sunday of 28th February 2016 he has his readiness to fight with great body condition to defeat Weerachon for the third time after winning him continuously for twice times.

Yadfah has informed to the reporters of Muai Siam that in this time it shouldn’t be worried because it has Teacher Yai Muengsuphan to take care of him well in order to fight with Weerachon on this Sunday. Besides, he might focus on his left kick and his good strategy as the past times. However, he should be careless of this game due to the getting revenge of his old one , and the Muay Thai fans should cheer up him. Additionally, in this game he might fight as the best way too.