“Wichai” will solve the problem of “Rachanon Muay Thai camp”

Because of a lot of problems occurring inside the boxing camp, it makes a lot of credits disappeared , so the commander Wichai Rachanon can’t stand on this behavior. Then, he is preparing to manage Rachanon Muay Thai camp to be ready for fighting. In addition, he might solve the problems to make the big change by letting anyone who doesn’t care to run his duty should do another job.

Moreover, now the performance of Rachanon isn’t such a good way due to grasping in the second rank after fighting continuously which made the credits of this boxing camp a long several years disappeared. However, for this case the commander Wichai Rachanon or the head of boxing camp still would like to know the cause of problem , so he thinks that it’s time to make a change by put Rachanon boxing camp to be ready to fight. Then, anyone who doesn’t want to do his duty should apply another job , and he needs everything to be better.

The commander Wichai revealed that it is time for make a change for this boxing camp , so anyone who doesn’t like to run his duty , such as practicing himself he should find another job to do. Later, the teamwork of Rachanon should run their best task to quaranteeing about the practicing and the fighting of the boxers in Rachanon Muay Thai camp. Then, the Muay Thai fans should believe in himself for make a change of this boxer camp to be the good one.

“Wichai” advised to catch the eyes on “Phadsanlek” to be the master muay thai in the future.


The commander Wichai Rachanon advised the muay thai fans in Thailand to catch the eyes on Phadsanlek Rachanon Camp in order to be the master boxer of the boxing camp in the future because of his good body condition. Besides, now he is in the top form and just overcome Riaaek TorThepsuthin muay thai camp. Thus, for the next match , he might face with anyone , especially for Seeuai S. Sunancha muay thai training camp  would be great to fight with amusement.


After Phadsanlek Rachanon had knocked Riaaek TorThepsuthin muay thai camp in the fourth round of Suek Muai Thai Ched See on last Sunday at 7 channel Thai boxing stadium , Wichai Rachanon or the senior boxer revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that “I would like the muay thai fans in Thailand to catch the eyes on this boxer well because I am certain that he might turn to be the master boxer of the boxing camp in the future with his more advantages. In addition, now he can face with anyone , especially for Seeuai to fight with amusement. Thus, it is depending on the considering of Sia Chun , but if he can fight with Seeuai in the next match, it might thank for Sia Chun much. Moreover, I am certain that if my boxer is possible to fight with Seeuai , he might fight with his couple boxer interestingly for sure”

Blamed the judge form Thailand of “Design Rachanon muay thai training camp ” to be the loser.

The commander Wichai Rachanon is confused with Design Rachanon muay thai training camp about his losing because he has his more points on 1-4 rounds until the last round that made him to be the loser. Then, it should let the committees of channel 7  in Thailand to inform this subject because not only I who is confused , but also the muay thai fans who are confused about the judge of committees much.

The head of boxing camp or the commander Wichai Rachanon revealed that “it becomes to be the big problem for Satanfa Sakami muay thai camp and Design Rachanon muay thai training camp that everyone is discussing after Satanfa had won Design and could protected his champion on 23rd June 2013 again”

The commander Wichai said that “I am confused about the judge of committees in channel 7 much that judged for Satanfa to be the winner for 2-1. Moreover, Yodying Kasornmala and Chidchannon Sriratrat had judged Satanfa for 49-48 as well as Ronnarong Thanachan. Thus, finally Satanfa is the winner in this game. On the other hand, I am confused that why Satanfa has won Design because he has less points than Satanfa only in 5 round. Therefore, the muay thai fans from Thailand are all confused as same as me , so I would like the commitees of channel 7 to inform about this subject too.”

The action of “Thuanthong” made the commander mad.

The commander Sukthad Phumphanmug might take the action with the behind people of supporting Thuanthong Phumphanmung Camp to violate the rule. However, our law can’t take the action to them. However, he would like to manage in this case because he wants our muay thai life to be improved.

After Thuanthong Phumphanmung Camp has failed the game to fight with Thanachai Ch. Pradit muay thai camp on channel 3 in Suek Chao Muai Thai on last Saturday in Thailand , there is the negative thoughts from the muay thai fans about the abnormality , especially for environments , prices and the games to fight. Moreover, it can notice that Thuanthong has his attention to violate the rule , so the commander Sukthad Pumphanmuang has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that ” It can’t blame on the committees because it isn’t their false. However, I am the introvert man , but I am the policeman who has my own dignity. Then, although the law can’t take the action to the hirer or the involved people , I will manage with this case by my own to punish them.”