Sommai not pleased and will change all schedule 20 December

Sommai Sakulmetta not pleased a schedule fight. He will change a schedule of T.Chaiwat muay thai war on 20 December at Wigair , Thailand. He confirms a new match is better more than the past.

T.Chaiwat war on 20 December at Wigair change all schedule fight already. Now a Muay Siam journalist have been uncovering from Sommai Sakulmetta and Deang Kaosai, a S.Sommai war assistant that T.Chaiwat war on 20 December 2012 at Wigair change all schedule because staffs do not like a match so he take some fight off and put some new fight in.

Lamlerd Sorapit meets Petchshinnarad S.Sommai muay thai training camp again after he stops to fight long time ago. Monchai S.Sommai fights Surachai Srisuriyan otr Supertop S.Prasobchock still fight. A second fight is Kwantong S.Suwanpakdee who has less weight 2 pounds for Attapon S.Sommai, a first fight is Petchmai Jedao meet Petchseenil Payaksuwan and other boxing is a top boxer. This is is filled like every fight and muay thai fans do not worry because staffs focus on quality more than entertain.