“Yodkhunphon” is ready to defeat “Phetdam” by showing his performance on channel 3.

The head of the Muay Thai camp of Nayok A Thasala has guaranteed for his beloved boxer or Yodkhunphon to defeat Phetdam S. Sangakarnchang of course. Besides, both of them might fight as the first couple one of Suek Chao Muai Thai broadcasted on this Saturday of 11st July 2015 at Om Noi boxing stadium. Then, it should best regard for the Muay Thai fans to feel comfortably for cheering this boxer without being disappointed certainly.

It is in the good current for the Muay Thai camp of Nayok A Thasala after Mr. Aphinan Chaowalit or the head of Orbortor Thasala or the head of the Muay Thai camp has the boxer with showing of the good form continuously. Moreover, on this Saturday there might be the boxer or Yodkhunphon of A Thasala Muay Thai camp to fight with Phetdam S. Sangakarnchang as the first couple one at Om Noi boxing stadium. Then, the head of this Muay Thai camp has guaranteed about the practicing of his beloved boxer or Yodkhunphon that he has his excellent form to fight , so it is in the excellent way to cheer up him fully.

The head of this Muay Thai camp said with confidence that in this moment Yodkhunphon is ready to fight , so everyone should cheer up him without making disappointment for sure. In addition, he has selected this boxer suitably for fighting in this match to be cheered up.

Confirms that “Yodkhunphon” has his fit condition.

Susak or Tawee Niranrat or the big boss of Sakniranrat Muay Thai camp has revealed to the reporters of Muai Siam that now Yodkhunpon Sitkaewprayoon Filmkrongsangextracoal will have program to fight in the Semi Final round of 11st Fukthiangroup with Messey Pangkongphrab in Suek Chao Muai Thai on this Saturday of 14th February 2015 at Om Noi on channel 3. Besides, he might pass into fighting with Berkbarn Luakmuengphet  with this  time for preparing himself well among the matches. Thus, the big boss of Sakniranrat Muay Thai camp has accepted that although his Muay Thai camp has not much a name varied from Pangkonghrab Muay Thai camp , but he believes that the Muay Thai fans of Muai Thai program might cheer up his boxer as well.

Susak said that for this match he should put all efforts on his work as the best in this boxing program. Then, for the readiness of the Muay Thai fans in his Muay Thai camp to cheer up his boxer it shouldn’t be worried because although his Muay Thai camp is the small one , his one still sees the importance of the recognition. Thus, his boxer might fight with his good performance despite of being the second one in the past. However, now  his boxer has become to be the champion in all match. Thus, it shouldn’t be worried about his preparedness because he might not fight without showing the good form certainly. As the result,  the Muay Thai fans should be the supporting ones also.

“Yodkhunphon Sitmonchai muay thai camp ” is ready to Thai boxing fight in Thailand with many camps .


Yod Khunpon Sitmonchai muay thai camp of Rattanabandit university has trained himself hardly until his body condition is perfect and now he is ready to fight with Yodmuan Thong Phetyindee academy as the master couple boxer of Suek One Weerapon on this Friday of 26th July 2013 at Lumphinee Thai boxing stadium in Thailand for sure. Moreover, he is assured that now his body condition is greater than his couple boxer , so he might overcome him to celebrate for moving into another muay thai camp absolutely.

Sia Mu Phuket will setup the new program of Suek One Weerapon on this Friday of 2013 at Lumphinee muay thai stadium ; these couple boxers from 2 muay thai camps  might be favored to the Thai boxing fans in Thailnad . Moreover, for this fight Yodkhunphon of Rattanabandit university will face with Yodthuanthong Phetyindeeacademy and Yodkhunphon revealed that “ For this match , I have prepared myself perfectly and I am ready to fight for sure with my self-confidence to be able for overcoming my couple boxer after moving to the new boxing camp. Thus, the Thai boxing fans can cheer up me in this match.

Yodkhunphon said that “Although Yodthuanthong might have more experiences than me , but he has less strength than me. Besides, for this thai boxing fight I have prepared myself perfectly without any problem with hard training course from many camps . Then, I am confident that my body condition might be greater than Yodthuanthong for sure after I have moved into the new muay thai camp. As the result, the Thai boxing fans can come to cheer up for this match without making any disappointment to the muay thai fans for sure.”