“Metawin” would like to save his face.

“Methawin Kertyongyut muay thai training camp or Ch. Sangphraphai” or another boxers who has fought for 3-4 fights and then had disappeared for 3-4 months will come back to fight again. Then, Promoter Otea Charumeung will face with  “Songkhom S. Suriyanyothin” as the master couple boxer or Banleadate on this Wednesday of 17th April in 2013 at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium.

After Methawin had disappeared for 3-4 months due to his study because now he is studying at Rajabhat Chankaserm which is expectably to be graduated, he might fight in the next fight with Songkhom or the knee boxer of course. Besides, he has more disadvantage than Songkhom and he is in the good condition of body. Then, he believes that he might defeat Songkhom for sure.

Metawin or P’ Ko revealed that “This fight , I will create the good form and now I am training myself hard at Kert Yongyut muay thai camp of Kolai or the senior boxer who has taken care me well. However, this fight will be comfortable for me because of my talent and my more advantages. Then, I will overcome my couple boxer and I would like the muay thai fans to cheer up me in order to do my best form and be the well-known one again.”


“Yodmanut” moved to N. Naksin boxing camp to train himself harder.

After “Yodmanut” was the new star a long the year of 2555 in Thailand because of his beautiful form in fighting for Bangkok muay thai stadium totally for 12 fights , recently in this year he had his new chance to grasp for the champion of 105 pounds at Rachadamnern muay thai stadium with “Panpayak Chitmuengnon muay thai training camp ”. Unfortunately, he couldn’t make his dream come true by been defeated with several points. However, he is enduring to train himself and fight in the next match.

Moreover, for the last match after the promoter made his list to face with “Paeteng Kertpontip muay thai training camp” or the knee one that is the favorite style boxing of “Yodmanut Phetphothong” or “Chao Man” to fight , but finally Paeteng didn’t fight with him.  On the other hand, Yodmanut had to fight with Chaisiri Sakniranrat instead in 113 pounds. Moreover, because of his more disadvantages with size , Yodmanut had lost to his senior boxer in the fourth round and got hurt.

Thus, after Yodmanut had lost in 2 fights continously , he had come back to cure his heart by moving to practice in N. Naksin boxing camp of promoter Kingtong for 2 weeks now prior to fight on this 18th April in 2013. Therefore, he will face with “Peankon T. Surat” or the hard chin one. As the result, the muay thai fans should come to cheer up him to recall for his encouragement again.