“Yodonedee” might become to be the excellent one surely.

Niti Kaosiriwat or the big boss of Niti Samui is really confident that Yodonedee or Yokphet Phetkam Nitisamui or the 9th former champion of Phusia boxing round might become to be the excellent one in this boxing circle again surely.

Niti Khaosiriwat or the big boss of Niti Samui boxing camp has revealed his mind that Yodonedee or Yokphet Phetkaserm Niti Samui or the former champion of Phunsia boxing round has knocked Khunphon Aekbangtrai in Suek Rachadamnern Super Fight on the last match at Rachadamnern boxing stadium. Thus, now Yodonedee would like to perform the good task again , so he has opened chance for him by the supporting of Sia Sommai to take care of. In addition, he has talked to the head of Palangmai already to push up Yodonedee and open chance for Yodonedee to be back for being the well-known one in the boxing circle again.

The big boss of Niti Samuai has said at the end that he has seen the good attention much for this boxer or the former of Champion of 9th Phunsia round to be the winner again really much.